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Read the passage below and answer the questions following it.

Leonardo da Vinci’s the last Supper, painted in the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, is one of the supreme masterpieces of Western art. But for 20 years it has been under restoration – partially or totally obscured by scaffolding.

It was hoped restoration work would be finished on time to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s completion of the work in 1497. That anniversary came and went.

At the end of last year, it was predicted the restoration would be finished by the end of the current year. There is now no chance of that or of it being finished next year.

Signora Pinin Brambilla the women who has devoted two decades of her life to restoring the masterpiece, now says, “We might be finished by the year 2000. But we might not.”

The glacial slowness of the restorers work is, of course, in a tradition started by the Master himself – even if Signora Brambilla has, so far, taken nearly seven times longer to restore the last supper than Leonardo took to paint it.

But Leonardo himself was berated for being too slow by the prior who commissioned the painting. He complained to Leonardo that he just stood in front of the wall for half an hour added a few brush strokes, and then left for the day. Leonardo tartly replied that he was having problems imagining the face of anyone as evil as Judas, but if the prior was in a hurry, the difficulty could be solved by using his portrait.

To give himself the time he felt he needed, Leonardo jettisoned traditional fresco technique. True fresco – buonfresco – means that you have to paint while the plaster is still wet that gives you at most a day to paint any given area of wall. And you have to paint fast – if you make a mistake, your only option is to slather on a new layer of plaster and start again.

1. The last supper is expected to be restored by:

a) The end of 1998
b) 1999
c) 2000
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: 2000

2. Where was Leonardo’s da Vinci’s The Last Supper painted?

a) The monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie
b) Milan
c) Spain
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: The monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie

3. The author’s attitude towards Signora Brambilla’s work can be described as

a) Regretful
b) Analytical
c) Approving
d) Disinterested

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ANSWER: Approving

4. How long did Signora Brambilla take to restore the painting?

a) 7 times longer
b) 10 times longer
c) 5 times longer
d) All of the above

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