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Read the passage below and answer the questions following it.

A team of California researchers from intensive and prolonged study have propounded that clean living and healthful habits encourages longevity – gifting an extra 11 years to a man, seven to a woman. This life bonus is propped on seven golden behavioural rules: Eating regularly, and not between meals; eating breakfast; getting eight hours sleep nightly; maintaining a normal weight, being neither overweight nor underweight; not smoking or drinking and exercising regularly.

Eating regularly and not between meals; Discipline in food habits is important to life and continuous good health. Meal hours should be scrupulously observed as the stomach gets geared to them. A balanced diet must contain the four basic foods – meat and fish; eggs and dairy products; vegetables and fruits; cereals and substitutes. These provide the five nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Deserts and snacks between meals make one corpulent. Rich food is as hazardous as a starvation diet.

Eating breakfast: rejuvenating the body by replenishing depleted blood is this meal’s work and must not be skipped, as it comes 10 hours after the last meal. Nutritionally qualitative rather than quantitative breakfast must provide a quarter of the day’s calories. A wholesome breakfast guarantees a sunshiny, efficient day at work or school.

Getting eight hours sleep nightly: Sleep, the most irresistible of human needs, is the cessation of bodily activity, an inner restorative force and physical refreshment. During sleep the heart and breathing slow down, muscles relax, pupil’s contract. Everybody requires the traditional nightly eight hours of energising sleep, but some can thrive on less; too much sleep enervates. Humans can live without food for three weeks, but after 90 sleepless hours they start hallucinating. A definite sleep schedule should be followed.

Keeping a normal weight, being neither overweight nor underweight: A height – aligned correct weight creates a personality potential and a health plus. Any person weighing 10 Kilograms more than the desirable weight is overfed. Overweight reduces one’s life expectancy.

Not smoking: Smoking is injurious and debilitating to general health, often leading to cancer of the throat and lungs. Tobacco dulls the sensitivity of the brain.

Not drinking alcoholic beverages: Alcoholics commonly suffer from liver disease and vitamin deficiency, leading to brain disorders. It is a vicious enemy.

Exercising regularly: Daily calisthenics, a good habit, produces physical fitness while activating body functions. Sports like Badminton and outdoor jogging tones up the physique. Exercise gives the heart a good workout. Lack of exercises makes blood vessels lose elasticity and suppleness. A good brisk walk is rewarding for sedentary folk. Exercise retards aging. The body wastes away unless used.

1. How many years do clean living and healthful habits add to a life of a woman and man respectively?

a) 10 years for a man and 5 years for a women
b) 15 years for a man and 7 years for a women
c) 11 years for a man and 3 years for a women
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: None of the above

2. What does smoking lead to?

a) Cancer of the throat
b) Cancer of the liver
c) Cancer of the throat and lungs
d) Brain cancer

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ANSWER: Cancer of the throat and lungs

3. What is rewarding for a sedentary folk?

a) Jogging
b) Exercising
c) Brisk walking
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: Brisk walking

4. Which amongst the below mentioned is one of the seven golden rules for better health?

a) Getting 8 hours sleep nightly
b) Not smoking or drinking
c) Eating regularly and not between meals
d) All of the above

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ANSWER: All of the above

5. What does lack of exercise result in?

a) Blood vessels loose elasticity
b) Rigidity
c) Supple
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: Blood vessels loose elasticity

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