Being A Star Is A Cakewalk!

Being A Star Is A Cakewalk!

It is natural tendency of common public to believe actors as the luckiest people in the world. Whenever they think of stars, the mind overflows with big bucks, rolling red carpets, glamour, crazy fans and a life of perfection. Everyone firmly believes that being a star is absolute fun. They have name, fame and money, and can do everything and buy anything. However, this might not be the case always. So, let us discuss on the topic, ‘Being a Star Is a Cakewalk!’


- They are of course the lucky people. Who is there in this world not working hard in an attempt to earn a good life? Well, everyone is but actors tend to get everything best of this world.

- Hard work does not guarantee recognition. In case of stars, the first thing they get is recognition and they don’t even have to work hard for it.

- Celebrities have money and therefore they can spend it as much as they want to look good and stay fit. With money they can avail the services of fitness experts and stay healthy which makes them look good.

- Even there are many artists who cannot be stated as beautiful, smart or fit. But still they are loved by millions of people.

- Their children are born stars and get everyone’s attention right from childhood. All things come for easy. Clearly, their life is much simpler.


- Beauty requires maintenance, and in glamour world actresses are required to look beautiful even in a death scene. They need to really work hard to stay at that level.

- Physical fitness is another important factor in stars’ life. They have to follow a regular fitness regimen and disciplined scheduled to get that body. The dashing looks are a result of arduous training sessions.

- Another problem that stars have to deal with is the lifestyle, particularly touring. These tours sometimes last for months and the stars are required to burn the candle at both ends.

- The job of artists is not a regular 9 am to 5 pm job. They have to work at odd hours and at distant places to complete the project. Recognition does come but at a cost!

- Dolling up is of supreme importance for Bollywood divas. At times they may wish to roam in simple pyjamas and ponytail without any make-up. But if they follow their heart, the shutter bugs make a complete hype of it.


The life of stars may appear quite glossy from outside but it is no different from other people. They have name, fame and money, but at the same time they have to really work hard to maintain that lifestyle. It is this pressure due to which many stars take the path of alcohol and drugs and suffer from deep anxiety and depression. So, next time you call their life as a cakewalk, remember at the end of day, the stars are no different from common people. They are humans too!
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  • RE: Being A Star Is A Cakewalk! -Deepa Kaushik (08/23/15)
  • Nothing on this earth is a cakewalk. Everything demands hard work. The name and fame is not same for all the stars. Even that varies from one star to other. Stardom in general is given on their recognition amongst the common man. However this stardom is not a certificate of their performance. Even these stars need to work hard to excel in their field.

    Stars, they become known personalities when they enter the field of acting. Once they become public figures, they lose their privacy at many occasions. They always have multiple set of eyes following them making them conscious ofwhatever they do.

    Anything done in excess has a negative impact, so is this stardom. We should actually ask these stars who have lived long years of this star image, whether they actually like to continue all this crowd surrounding them throughout the life, or do they actually feel the requiirement of some personal space and privacy to take a deep relaxing breath. These stars going abroad for holidays is not just to express their rich and luxurious lifestyle, but it is also a escapism from being a public personality.

    The other side is always green. Common man always craves the stardom, which they are unable to achieve in their busy schedule. On the contrary, the stars starve for a normal life again which they become unable to return back to. Hence, nothing on this earth is a cakewalk.
  • RE: Being A Star Is A Cakewalk! -Deepankan Kumar (08/21/15)
  • Being a star is a cakewalk..! yes
    Stars are people who have the attention of the entire nation or the world towards them,they are free to whatever they want , if they are doing their jobs perfectly then they are free to do anything they want they can visit to whichever place they want,,
    stars are the people for whom the entire people are crazy for them. If some star comes to our nearby city then the entire public is ready to leave their work and go there just to watch them.,,,these stars are not even going to make anyone"s life better ,,everyone has to make his/her life count in their own way,,
    stars are those people who have reached to the height of success by working hard and after that they have the freedom to enjoy their success,,some no gud looking stars are also there but they are good at their work and so the entire public is mad for them too...
    everything a star does it becomes the most trending fashion,, people from all over start following their styles and fashion..and if everyone is following these stars blindly then surely their life looks like a cakewalk,,
    If you are a star your health also becomes good and you are into daily habit of exercises which keep them fit for their work and also they lack health issues by this,,Whatever a star dose it become the fashiion and mostly these stars are those people who can do whatever they want,,meet whomever they want,,and most importantly they can have sex with whomever they wish to,..
    So a cakewalk is for these stars who are just a normal humans like us...and they have their huge number of followers who wants to become like them and their fans follow them blindly,,,
    the children of these stars are born with a stardom and they also wish to do whatever they want they are also famous and without doing anything they have a huge no of followers..(example of Shahrukh khan son Abram etc )