Women are better managers

Art of management is a gift to women by nature. Women are born to take responsibilities and perform them flawlessly. They can easily manage everything without a crease on their forehead.

- Women are the ones who are expected to handle various responsibilities from the childhood which makes them a good multi-tasker.
- Be it managers in the top companies or the ones who are managing their homes, women in all areas manage their work flawlessly.
- Their inherent qualities make them good managers as they are more patient in the difficult situation and are able to manage situations with their positive attitude and calm mind compared to their counter partners.
- They have the quality of managing their children and are simultaneously able to concentrate on their career.

- Women are very emotional and soft hearted which is considered as a weakness in managing things. They are not practical about the situations.
- They might be good at managing things at home but this same strategy cannot be applied in the external environment where they have to work for an organization.
- They might have all the qualities of managing like courage, patience, understanding etc but these are not the only key qualities required to manage a vast workforce or other difficult situations.
- Today we have progressed a lot but there are many women who are not given a chance to prove themselves or are not given enough responsibilities to showcase their potential.
- A woman alone won’t be able to manage things if she is not supported by her family members.

We all are born with some weakness and strengths. In the same way women also have some strengths and weakness. They have the power to change their weakness into their strengths. If she does that then there is no stopping for her.
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  • RE: Women are better managers -Litton (07/25/19)
  • I am of the opinion that both men and women have capabilities to multi-task. We often see that women are forced to do their daily chores at home and then those who are working out of their home have to manage their office too. Men too have to manage their family matters and the matters of the home. Today whether you are a male or female, you have to have the skills to do many things at the same time. Therefore, to uplift one and discard the other is not the right way to look at this issue. I think both men and women are capable of becoming good managers. I have seen women who are very unorganized, lousy and lazy and do not know how to do things properly. On the other side, I have again seen women who are well organized, talented, and can do many things very efficiently. Similary, I have seen men who are capable of doing so many things at the same time and even is great cleaning and maintaining their home. On the other side of the coin, I have seen men who are carefree, dirty, lazy and aimless. Who is going to be what depends on the upbringing and their exposure to various duties of life. Therefore, I would say that neither men or women are better managers in general. But anyone who develops himself or herself, learns the skills, and have innate desires to grow can be a manager. Gender is completely immaterial.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Alok verma (07/21/19)
  • I can't say directly that women are best manager but ya we can't denied that she is multitasking women .in professional life we need good command over discipline,motivation,emotional quotient where she lack .but most of the women can do it in better way
  • RE: Women are better managers -VINAYAK (01/29/19)
  • i have a different opinion about this.i dont agree with the idea of considering a particular gender superior over . no doubt women are good manegers but we cant declare someone is better because she is a women . managers and leaders are made with a process through their experience (good or bad).
  • RE: Women are better managers -Rhitam (10/27/17)
  • I think it depends on the human being. Not every woman can manage emotions with work, there may be differences. Every woman is not the same after all. But if you say in percentage, then in India the percentage of woman as mangers are less.
  • RE: Women are better managers -chanchal gupta (01/21/17)
  • I think women are best manager because women have a lot of idea and solution also and women know how facing problam and take right desigen so my openion according to women are best manager than man
  • RE: Women are better managers -Vikas Bhardwaj (08/01/15)
  • Hi Friends
    I think we can not decide who is better or who is not on the basis of gender neither it will be gender bias. I think it depend on the circumstances that you come across and how quickly it come to you it is this experience to tackle that teaches you the real thing.
  • RE: Women are better managers -sanu (07/29/15)
  • Ya in my point of view women are better managers,women can do everything Best example Kiran bedi,indra Gandhi,Kalpana chawala&I'n my opinion every freedom fighter is going to be a good manager.NO DOUBT
  • RE: Women are better managers -shubham sharma (07/11/15)
  • as from my experience,,,,,,,,,, women r the best

    -in the for of mother, in the form of sister,daughter,wife in all relation she plays a imp. role in our life. she can handle not only you, your family, your child, your home, and a office work also
  • RE: Women are better managers -ruchida (07/02/15)
  • I think woman's are better manager for household as well as for industries
    She is able to do everything based on her strength.
    Sometimes her emotional nature may creates difficulties for her bt she have that much capabilities to over come her weakness into her strength.......
  • RE: Women are better managers -sandeep (03/24/15)
  • Its nt good to say that womens are good manager..though in case one's managing home is someonewhot different frm managing organizations.it is nt possible fr women to talk on any relevant topic...i thk in any organization a ceo must always be folliwed by a lady to assist various tasks related to women.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Himansu (03/23/15)
  • According to me women are multitasking from their childhood.they have better experience than men but they have the inborn qualities like emotional,caring,loving..yes these qualities are necessary for every human but in case of professional we must strict,discipline.i am not saying women are not good manager in professional life but men are better than women in professional.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Michael (03/22/15)
  • Women are not better managers than men. This topic is can cause bias options towards a sex and has a bit of sexual discrimination. I believe that both men and women are equal managers in general, sex has nothing to do with who is a better manager. It depends on the individuals' experience, motivation and attitude. It's like saying women are smarter than men.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Fgjgfjjj (03/22/15)
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  • RE: Women are better managers -Nitin gusain (03/22/15)
  • My opion that i think women are not better manager because
    1.mens are not compartable personel problem sharing to women manager....
    2, girls are also problem becase india tanditional that girls are jeals to girls...
    3 my exprience that girls manger mostly supported to boys.,
    4 most crictical sitution come to girls not better handle ti mans..
    5 maximamun sitution cricted abuse language speak and abuse leasing...,
    i known that i have maxmimum spealing mistake bt i will try to right sry for that to people ready my g.d poind
  • RE: Women are better managers -vijay bansal (03/19/15)
  • for

    women's are good managers as the quality needed for this post are available in almost of the women like acceptance of environment change, patience in women are at peak level ,most important is that they are emotionally strong which helped them a lot
  • RE: Women are better managers -ANJANA PATNAIK (03/18/15)
  • YES,I would like to hold my stand by supporting the argument that "WOMEN ARE BETTER MANAGERS".
    Women are an epitome of how a manager should be.Actually they are innate managers.They manage each and every task efficiently without any stigma.They are tranquil and optimistic by temperament.So they take better decisions even in complexities.Even they are good planners for today and tomorrow not only in personal life but also in professional life.Though they are emotionally sensitive,but yet it's their strength because they understand situation better by getting intertwined with the situation.
    Every single day for a woman is packed with challengers.But,since she possesses a prodigious personality she uses her adroitness to overcome those challenges effectively.She takes myriad responsibilities and tackles them enthusiastically.She is not only polite towards elders but also towards young. She is flexible enough to adapt herself in any situation or adversity.This attitude helps her to work in a team .This is clearly evident how a girl child adjusts herself happily in her in-laws. She is deterministic in attitude.She also resolves problems or misunderstandings in a decisive manner within family members or in a team.
    So,what else attributes and practises should a manager adhere to excel in his profession.Since woman is a store house of these attitudes,she came into limelight as a BETTER MANAGER.But this is not all done by just saying them as better managers.A lot has to be realized yet.Most importantly mind sets of people should be changed drastically.Matriarchy and Women Empowerment should be propagated in every walks of life possible.More and more women must be encouraged to come out from their four walled world.They must not only be allowed to expose their talents but also lead our country in every possible ways possible by becoming GOOD MANAGERS.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Priya singh (03/12/15)
  • Yes i agree with that women r better manager Because we have d quality of manager by birth we have to manage in all stage of life .we have to cooperate in each relation in our life .n have d pressure to perform well in each n every part of our life we have limited chance to prove ourself .we have to show this which i think is good. that 's make us good manager in our life n this a plus point for us
  • RE: Women are better managers -swarnali bakshi (03/12/15)
  • i think its not depends up on gender. its depend up on the ability,skill,good knowledge of management.... both have same brain. .......Mind capacity depend up on hard work about these things
  • RE: Women are better managers -Anshika jaiswal (02/13/15)

  • All the frends made gud points but i also want to say that 'Managers are not born,they are made' so we can't say that who would be better manager its definately depend upon the one's managering quality means communication skill,better decision
    making power, intelligence and his/her attitude and it also depend upon the kind of atmosphere in which he/she grows it decides his /her strenght and capability of managing the things.So we can't say anything men would be gud manager or women its all depend upon the aboye quality.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Vaibhav (02/11/15)
  • yes i do agree that women are better rather i can say best managers.
    although we know that they are emotional as well as strong....but they have additional god gifted power to segregate points where to be strong enough to handle situations and where to be emotional. if they get depressed in any situation still they can recover themself very quickly...Here I want to add one example if mother gets always emotional about her child then that mother only keep guts to fight with world for survival of her child....
    I Think these qualities are enough to manage any organization in any ups and down situations......

    THANK YOU!!!!
  • RE: Women are better managers -Nitu (02/11/15)
  • Yeah,I do agree with this argument regarding "Women are better managers".What i believe is that every person have some inborn quality and among them women prefer a very unique quality of being as a successful manager in every aspect of her life.Women have the capability of playing a very important role simultaneously in her organisational sector as well in her personel life too.The unique managerial skills that every women possess should not be under estimate and thus should be legalised.
    Thus, concluding with my opinion that in our country like India if every women are given the right to work and freedom of thoughts and expression it will ultimately be more beneficial for our country as well and thus will help in developing our economy as a whole.
  • RE: Women are better managers -tammy (02/09/15)
  • I don't think you should generalise men or women. Each individual is different.
    It's true that most women take up responsibilities at a young age.
    Most women are good at multitasking because even if a woman is working, she would still be expected to do household chores.

    And to all those morons who said that all women are soft and aren't strong, you just proved your ignorance and narrowmindedness.
  • RE: Women are better managers -samir (02/08/15)
  • as we all know that the women are best creature of god...but i don't think that a women be a better managers she is very emotional does not control his feelings and don't make pessence....and manager of any co. Is a tough job....i m not saying that the womens are not to be manager but incomparison to men she is not much handled all the things in a co. Bcoz women is not only women, she is wife, mother, daughter and various role played by her...
  • RE: Women are better managers -vaishali (02/06/15)
  • 1).yes i agree,women try to solve problem not to avoid.
    2).girls managing things in their early age so they are more experience holder.
  • RE: Women are better managers -virender singh (02/01/15)
  • being a man , i am quit in favor of the statement that womens are better manager.
    because we all see in our familly that how our mothers manage the family things very properly.even if sometime when our mother are not resent in the house than our sisters also manage proerly.
    thats why i think that management is a god gift for women.
    i am not only talking about the housewife it is also about those womens who were involved in business work.
    whether a woman is businessman , servicewoman and involve in any other work , we know that they not only manage their personal work but also manage the family simultaniously.
    thats the reason why i really feel that woman are better manager than man.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Rohit (01/07/15)
  • Women are managing entire household work very well and now they can work hand to hand of men. With the work potential the women has, she can became good manager.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Arun Sharma (01/03/15)
  • Men are better managers ...or may be women are better. No one can describe it on the basis of gender. Managerial skills always formed on the basis of sense of responsibility and from childhood we see that mostly boys looks careless and girls are being taught by mother for housekeeping . So boys see outside world more than girls. In studies also boys seems to be more practical but girls are only cramming queens. So on that basis a man always be a better manager.
  • RE: Women are better managers -sonia sharma (01/02/15)
  • No doubt ,women are better managers but according to me men because men take strict action but women are soft hearted and emotional ,this quality make women more negative to become manager.....
  • RE: Women are better managers -Sumit Agarwal (10/17/14)
  • All men and women are born equal. The kind of environment in which a person grows decides his/her strength and capability of being a manager. So, to say that a woman can take responsibilities better is not good because a man who gets a man who gets a similar responsibility can be a better man. So, there is no comparision of who becomes a better manager, it depends on the environment and the efforts that one put to reach there.
  • RE: Women are better managers -Vandana (10/16/14)
  • Managers have to possess skills that are required to carry forward the team. My perception is that immaterial of the sex, the person who have either born with these skills, or have acquired it by experience will become better managers.

    Since women force are in minority, they have additional challenges to face than their male counterparts.

    I agree that they are emotional but, not emotionally weak. Multi-tasking for a women is like an instinct so, they can do it naturally.

    I conclude that women is no less than a man, and vice-versa