Being rich is being successful

Being rich is being successful

Money is vital in everyday life. It is required to organize the daily activities and lead a comfortable life. Money is essential to pay for house, food, insurance, clothes, education expenses etc. Also, it is an important factor that defines if a person is successful or not. Do you agree with this? Do the people who earn lots of money and are rich enough are only successful? Let us discuss on the topic, “Being rich is being successful.”


• We live in a materialistic world where everything including relationships is defined by money. If there is no money, there is no scope to sustain in the materialistic world.

• In the present world, even beauty can be bought with money. There are many popular film-stars who opted for surgeries and now are successful in their career.

• For being successful it is essential to acquire good education and again it comes from money. Success and money cannot be separated from each other.

• In Indian society, a girl is called successful if she gets a good husband and family. Even if a girl is not beautiful but her parents are millionaire, she will find a guy for marriage easily. That is why being rich is called as being successful.

• Parents start differentiating between their own kids on basis of their earnings. More importance is given to the child who is earning more.


• There are many gangsters who have huge amount of money. But in no case they can be called as successful in our society.

• The definition of success varies from person to person, and therefore it is not essential that rich person might always feel successful.

• There are many rich and famous people who have attempted suicides in their life. If being rich is being successful, then what made them to take such disastrous steps?

• Being successful is being satisfied with whatever things we have. Money cannot buy satisfaction and happiness, and a person without these feelings cannot be called as successful.

• Sanjay Dutt is a son of a famous politician and is one of the richest celebrities. Still, he is behind lock-up. Is this what we call as success?


Here, it is important to know that being rich is definitely being a successful person. Most of the times, success is defined in terms of money. However, again success and rich, these are two relative terms and holds different definitions for different people. A person with Rs 10, 000 salary may think himself as rich and successful while a person with Rs25, 000 salary might not be happy.
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  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Anand kumar (04/25/15)
  • Hello friends
    In my view successful is not an absolute term rather a relative term. It varies from person to person. A person earning a handsome salary may consider him to be successful but at the same time a founder of a new startup may not consider himself successful becoz he wishes to b zukerberg or bansals or gates. Also if u say an ambani that u r successful then u know what words would be reverted. So in my view a person with a feel of accomplishment and pride may be considered successful and at the same time a person worth 200 crores may not be considered the same. Money can be a part of success but not vice versa.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Halake Sidramappa (04/24/15)
  • i think being reach person ,he not necessarily successful person.i agree money is important today commercial world ,in some what extent. successful person one who have a happiness in his life,irrespective of what he has.Money may come today ,may go tomorrow,but knowledge never lost. knowledge is key for successful person,not an money
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Shanky Kumar (04/23/15)
  • Hello friends according to my point of view, no doubt today money is needed for everything like food,shelter,education etc.It is also true that with the help of money we become handsome by doing surgeries,we study in good college etc. but we must remember one thing in mind that money come automatic to a person which is a successful.Also success can't buy with money.
    As we all know that succes will always achieve with strong determination,hardwork etc. which can't buy with the help of money.If we call a rich person as a succesful person than every ganster become succcess in their life by doing robbery.Also if we consider a rich person is successsful person than,then every child which can born in rich person home will become successful person.
    So at last i want to say that money is needed for everything in daily life.But we can't say a person having a lot of money is a successful person.Also with money we can't buy happiness and satisfication which come only when a person achieve their goal or a person become succesful by reaching at their aim.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -rohan (04/23/15)
  • In my opinion there are two types of people in world.The person who have a lot of money but no social culture,and the other person who do not have enough money but know the living standard and socialy my opinion 2nd person is more sucessful than 1st one.U can not gain the living culture or sociality,huminity by paying can earn but standard can not gain by money.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Ramu (04/23/15)
  • no i donnot think being rich is being successful because i think a poor but famous people is farbetter successful than rich one .money cannot buy happiness.several rich people sucide,isthat success.many of gangstar rich.but they arenot success ful in our society.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Ash (04/17/15)
  • In today's world, the success of an individual is measured by the amount of money he has. It is a well known practice today that we are all attracted towards anything that gives us money. Be it any job opportunity or returns on investments, we go for the money. We all do so because it will make us more richer than before and give us a feeling of success. I would like to give an example here. I saw in the news recently about a beggar in Mumbai, who earns about 75,000 per month, has his own flats there and still continues to beg. We can say that he is a 'Successful' beggar because he is richer than other beggars who don't earn that much.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Himansu Rath (04/16/15)
  • Being rich is being successful is not true bcoz it is not everyone's dream to be a rich person.They hava the dream to invent some new things ,access something,know something, achieve something..i think successful brings money. To become successful in life is the aim of everyone.if you are successful money runs after you...
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -vijaysri (04/16/15)
  • being rich is being successful is partially true, because we live in a society full of materialistic people, and yes it includes us too. we can observe in self that we put on different masks when dealing with different people, its obvious that we are also a part of this huge commercialized environment . and yes to survive in this world, money bring us all needy and desired assets. at the end of the day we get a very big contract , but the path we choose while gaining that has an impact on our peace of mind which decides whether we are successful or not.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -Deepa Kaushik (04/15/15)
  • Success and money are two different terms which doesn’t coincide in each other’s path. But, in a corrupt society, people only understand the language of money. Even the sincere and honest person bows down to the bribery laiden environment and is forced to give bribe to get his work done at times. Getting our work completed in such a manner, is that what actually is success?

    Success is a word that carries the richness of pride in itself. Once we have bent in front of corrupt or malpractice, we have lost the actual success. Victory is sweet only if that is hard earned. The short-cuts never give us the true essence of the picture. Also, the fruit received as a effect of incorrect practice does not stay longer.

    When we talk of success, it is a not necessarily a competition in external world; instead, it is the privilege of completing the work that we decided in a correct and perfect manner. Richness, if we talk of morality, honesty, modesty, hard-work, sincerity; then yes, these rich culture does makes a man successful. But on a wider aspect, we just relate money with richness. We cannot earn the human values and virtues with money which actually leads us to the path of success. Hence, being only rich with plenty money doesn’t make success.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -meet bhavsar (04/11/15)
  • i dont think being rich is being successful because the term succes is comprises of many other factor that affect human life ..these terms of succes is defrernt for difrernt peoples . the one with more money even a gangster is sucsessful in his field , if he feels so ,,,term succes it self gives a relativeness of things is just a factor to be considered by the person to judge himself a successful in economic terms..yes monoy can lead to other factors but only being rich is not a success for me.
  • RE: Being rich is being successful -rakesh (04/11/15)
  • On the basis of Indian organic society this thing is completely true. There is a lot of creativity in human beings, but only few people execute their ideas, and being successful, because they have money and resources to do that thing. I know this is not a compulsion thing, but can you imagine how many percentage of the total world population is being successful without money? Less than 1% . In today’s word scenario every person has capital problem, the only only resource to make money is money itself.
    The definition of rich and successful people is almost same- they can manage their indoor and outdoor problem very easily