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? Mass communication (2) Whic type of jobs people get after doing master in mass communication Posted by: Krina Acharya
? Can I withdraw the notice I served to leave the organization? (2) I am working as an email executive and wanted to leave the organization due to some family circumstances and served the notice period of 3 months as per our company rules. But, as the things resolved gradually, I have applied to withdraw my notice and continue my service with the organization. Would my withdrawal plea be accepted? Posted by: Guest
? How long can a probation be extended? Is notice applicable in probationary period? (2) I have got a 6 month extension in probation after completion of initial 6 months period. But my manager does not seem convinced with my performance. Can they extend my probation further or would they fire me? Would the termination be with or without notice? Posted by: Guest
? Is it possible to fire an employee for low performance? (2) My performance was better in the probationary period and got confirmed. But somehow I am unable to perform to the expectations of my seniors after confirmation and tend to loose the targets continually. Is there any provision in the company to fire me for consistent low performance? Posted by: Guest
? How to fight back the termination without notice? (2) I am at a managerial position in a MNC and have an experience of 20 years with the same organization. It happened by mistake that one of the official document got attached and sent along with my personal mail to my brother. I have been informed of termination and not served any notice or paid off. How can I fight back? Posted by: Guest
? Termination without reason (2) My appointment letter states that any party can leave with paying the 3 months notice. Does that mean that they can ask me to leave any day without a valid reason? Posted by: Guest
? Job requirements of B Sc Dialysis Technology (2) What are the responsibilities and job requirements of a graduate dialysis technician? If I pursue B Sc Dialysis technology, what are the post graduate courses available for me? Posted by: Guest
? Job opportunities in telecom sector (2) I have completed B.E. Electronics and want to get into telecom sector. Kindly update regarding any related job prospects for me in telecom sector. Posted by: Guest
? Medical electronics and engineering (2) Please guide me the job prospects for medical electronics and engineering. Posted by: Guest
? Part-time job for students (2) I am doing my B. Tech final year and interested in doing some part-time job without any investment. Please advice. Posted by: Guest
? Scope after clearing UGC-NET (2) I have completed PGDM Marketing and preparing for UGC-NET. I am looking forward to a career in teaching. Guide me about the scope and prospects after clearing UGC-NET. Posted by: Guest
? What is data analytics? (2) I am science graduate and want to know details regarding data analytics and its job prospects. Posted by: Guest
? Vacancies for dance choreographer. (2) I am working in a dance academy where I teach the Bollywood dance steps to children. I have the talent to choreograph the dance steps and want to switch over my job. Please advice some related opportunities as a dance choreographer. Posted by: Guest
? How to get into bomb disposal squad? (2) I am a B Com graduate and look forward to some challenging and thrilling career opportunities. Bomb disposal squad is one such field. How to get into this? Please help. Posted by: Guest
? How to become an automotive engineer? (2) I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering and want to pursue automotive engineering as a career. What are the job prospects and essential requirements to get posted as an automotive engineer? Posted by: Guest
? Job opportunities for Interior designer (2) I have done BA (Hons) in interior architecture and design from Indian Institute of Art and Design. I am looking forward to a job. Would my qualification suffice the job requirements or do I need to check-out for some post-graduate courses in this field? Posted by: Guest
? How to apply for Law Internship? (2) I have completed my CS and pursuing LLB ( 3rd sem). I want to have some practical exposure. Is it possible to join any law firm for internship now? What are the requisite for the same? Posted by: Guest
? Job prospects in Mountaineering (2) I am 12th pass out and much fascinated about mountaineering. I want to know the courses for mountaineering and more importantly the job prospects for the same. Posted by: Guest
? Does Indian Railways accept the IGNOU degree? (2) I am a BA History (Hons) graduate from IGNOU. Can I apply for the various posts in Indian railway Network like Assistant Manager or Goods Guard etc.? Posted by: Guest
? Suitable profile for internship for MBA in HR. (2) I have done my B Com from Delhi University and doing my MBA in HR final year in Pune. I look forward to join some internship during the summer vacations this year. Would that add value to my resume? What sort of job profile should I focus for internship? Posted by: Guest
? Do I need to update my qualification to fill-in career gap? (2) I am employed in Accenture, Gurgaon for past 3 years. I am a BTech 2012 pass-out. Due to personal circumstances, I need to shift back to my hometown and take care of my Tea Plantations. If that fails to yield a good income source, can I show my plantation experience to re-apply for jobs in future? Or should I do some PG course or MBA simultaneously to add value to my resume, update my knowledge and fill-in my career gap? Posted by: Guest
? Looking for job change in my field of expertise. How to justify the change of field? (2) I am B Tech 2011 pass-out and working as probationary officer with United Bank of India. Somehow I lack interest in this job profile and looking to some jobs in my field of expertise in organizations like ONGC, SAIL etc. Should I need any added qualifications in my field to re-initiate my job search and update my career knowledge? How should I justify my change of field? Posted by: Guest
? Which is better - avoiding a break in career or preparing for civil services without disturbance? (2) I am an electrical engineering 2015 pass-out and cleared infosys interview soon after completion of course. But I didn’t join the organization to prepare for civil services. I am attempting the civil exam this year but don’t want to risk my career creating a huge career gap. In case I couldn’t pass through, should I concentrate another attempt for civil exams or start applying for more jobs? Posted by: Guest
? Options for Commercial Arts professional (2) I am graduate and wish to display my creative potential. With an interest in commercial Arts, I want to know my available job prospects. Posted by: Guest
? Job opportunities for MLT with Physics. (2) I’m a B.Sc Physics graduate and doing my MLT. How should I prepare myself for job in my field? Posted by: Guest
? Job prospects after masters in food and nutrition (2) I’m a home science student, pursuing my masters degree in Food and nutrition. Can anyone elaborate the job prospects for my qualification? Posted by: Guest
? 7 years coaching experience - Now wish to get a full time job (2) I’ve completed by BTech CSE in 2008 and running my own coaching centre since then. I’m searching for a job to have a fixed monthly income. Do I need to go ahead with any new courses to add value to my years old degree? Posted by: Guest
? Quality Engineer for 2 years wants to shift to designing (2) I am 25 years BE graduate with interest in designing and good knowledge of CAD software. Though settled as quality engineer, I am confident analyzing design and working in CAD. Would it be ok to change my field at this age. Will I have to restart my career as a fresher? Posted by: Guest
? Banking and investment job profile (2) I want to get a banking and investment job profile. How should I prepare for it? Posted by: Guest
? Preparation for placement tests (2) Do you have some tips for me to prepare for placement tests? Posted by: Guest